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вторник, 2 августа 2011 г.

INTERIGHTS объявляет о проведении семинара "стратегические тяжбы в области свободы слова, свободы собраний и объединений".

INTERIGHTS объявляет о проведении семинара "стратегические тяжбы в области свободы слова, свободы собраний и объединений". Семинар будет проведен в Грузии и открыт только для участников из Азербайджана и Грузии. Рабочий язык английский, но также будет осуществляться перевод на русский язык. Поэтому участники должны знать русский или английский язык. Все расходы связанные с участием в семинаре будет возмещены INTERIGHTS. Последний срок для отправления заявок:  14 августа 2011. Заявки отправляются aavetisyan@interights.org, Arpi Avetisyan.

Ниже можете познакомиться с объявлением о семинаре на английском и формой заявки.

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INTERIGHTS Strategic Litigation Seminar
Freedom of Expression / Freedom of Assembly and Association
In South Caucasus
INTERIGHTS defends and promotes human rights and freedoms worldwide through the use of international and comparative law. We achieve this through a range of activities designed to strengthen human rights jurisprudence and obtain redress for people whose rights have been violated. Established in 1982, we provide expertise and advice on human rights litigation regarding issues of particular international, regional or national importance. In cases where important principles are at stake we may act as co-representative, a 'friend of the court' (amicus curiae) or adviser to counsel. We work with local lawyers, judges and NGOs, strengthening their capacity to defend human rights effectively at both national and international fora. We do so through tailored training programmes including practical case-focused ‘litigation surgeries’, internship programmes and the development of litigation partnerships. We support efforts to develop international and regional human rights standards, often through support for developing human rights institutions, such as the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, the recently established African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights and the European Court of Human Rights.
INTERIGHTS' Promoting and Protecting Human Rights in the South Caucasus Programme covering Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia is pleased to invite applications for a strategic litigation seminar on "freedom of expression/ freedom of assembly and manifestation" which will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia on 29-30 September 2011. The seminar is open to lawyers and human rights activists engaged in legal advocacy from the South Caucasus. To ensure a fruitful in-depth discussion, only a limited number of places will be offered.
Throughout the region, numerous violations in the field of freedom of expression/ freedom of assembly and manifestation continue to occur. Public television stations are subject to government control, transparency of media ownership remains a concern, defamation legislation is commonly employed to protect public officials against criticism leading to the harassment and self-censorship of journalists, demonstrations are routinely dispersed through excessive use of force and protestors arbitrary detained and convicted.

The workshop's objectives include:

-          facilitating cooperation and exchange of ideas and experiences between local lawyers and human rights defenders who are engaged in litigation and other forms of legal advocacy related to freedom of expression/ freedom of assembly and manifestation;

-         achieving a better understanding of the nature and scale of violations occurring in this context;
-          increasing the capacity of participating lawyers and NGOs to litigate abuses of human rights in the context of freedom of expression/ freedom of assembly and manifestation at international and regional level, especially before the European Court of Human Rights;
-          improving INTERIGHTS' understanding of the legal challenges existing in the field of freedom of expression/ freedom of assembly and manifestation  and the ways in which we can participate in addressing them;
-          nurturing cooperation between INTERIGHTS and local lawyers and NGOs on the thematic issues identified below.
 As an organisation focussing on strategic litigation, we are primarily interested in applications from practicing lawyers who have experience of representation and legal advice in cases involving serious violations of human rights in the field of freedom of expression/freedom of assembly and manifestation. However, we will also consider applications from non-lawyers or non-litigating lawyers who are directly involved in protecting journalists’ rights. We are exclusively interested in lawyers and NGOs from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia; applications from individuals not resident and working in these countries will not be considered.  We are primarily interested in applicants who have experience of working on cases involving but not limited to the following areas:
 (a)        Discrimination regarding broadcast licensing of television stations;
(b)        Conviction of journalists  through defamation and other charges;
(c)        Physical attacks and harassment of journalists by state agents;
(d)        Interference with peaceful assemblies (for example arbitrary denial of requests to hold demonstrations and dispersal through excessive use of force)
 To ensure that the seminar reflects current and emerging trends in the identified area and is practical use to the participating lawyers, all applicants are asked to submit the description of a relevant case on which they have worked or are working.  We strongly encourage the applicants to submit cases involving discrimination (for example, on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability or religion). The workshop's agenda will be shaped by the legal issues arising out of the cases submitted by the selected participants.
The workshop will be held in English with simultaneous interpretation into Russian. Therefore, it is essential that participants are proficient in either English or Russian.
All reasonable travel and subsistence costs associated with attendance at the training will be covered by INTERIGHTS.
To apply, please email a completed application form (attached to this call) to Arpi Avetisyan, Legal Team Coordinator, at aavetisyan@interights.org. The deadline for applications is Sunday, 14 August 2011.  Early applications are strongly encouraged.
For further information, please contact Sophio japaridze at sjaparidze@interights.org.
INTERIGHTS is committed to equal opportunities.
INTERIGHTS holds and manages data in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998
Should you no longer wish to receive calls for applications or event information please click here to be removed from this mailing list.
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 Arpi Avetisyan
Legal Team Coordinator - Europe/ESR
+44 (0) 20 7843 0487

The International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights
Lancaster House
33 Islington High Street
London N1 9LH
United Kingdom
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